How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

Written by Cody McGuffie on Nov 14, 2022

Do you have a knack for design? Are you a whiz with Photoshop or Illustrator? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then today is your lucky day! In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to sell digital downloads on Etsy.


Etsy is an online marketplace that’s home to all sorts of creative businesses. From handcrafted jewelry to vintage finds, there’s something for everyone on Etsy. 


If you’re selling digital products like printables, graphics, or even fonts, then Etsy is the perfect platform for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about selling digital downloads on Etsy!

Why Sell Digital Files on Etsy

Digital files are an excellent way to make a passive income. You simply create the files and people buy them. You don’t need to worry about shipping times, inventory management or quality control issues that come with manufacturing tangible goods. With digital files, you post and watch the money start coming in. With an estimated 80 million customers using Etsy each year, your products can get exposed to a wide audience base as well.

Research What to Sell

Before you get to work designing your items, you need to take the time to research what’s selling. General terms like “digital download” will bring up thousands of top results which can be a good general indicator of what’s selling. Once you complete this step, you’ll start to see patterns in what’s popular (e.g., wedding and baby graphics, wall art, planners). To further refine your results, look at analytical data from Everbee.

will show you an assortment of data on each listing, including estimated monthly sales and revenue, as well as how many people have favorited the item. This can give you a great launching pad when deciding what your niche will be as it shows you the top selling digital products on Esty.


Your niche can only be selected after you complete your research and figure out what you would like to make. If you absolutely hate weddings, you’re likely not going to get a whole lot of enjoyment from making wedding downloads! However, if you love baby items, you can easily make dozens of different digital downloads and enjoy your work. Finding your niche is critical to success.


If you see a bunch of things you want to make, try to narrow your designs down to a few categories. You’re not likely to generate a ton of traffic if you’re selling in every industry, but you can garner a lot of interest if you specialize in a few.

Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy: The Basics

When selling digital products on Etsy, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you’ll need to create your product listing. This is where you’ll include important information about your product, like the price, a description, and some photos. Be sure to upload high-quality images of your product so potential customers can see what they’re buying. You should also include at least one image that shows the product in use; this will help buyers visualize what they can do with your product.


In the description section, be sure to list all of the included files and file types (like .JPG or .PNG). You should also mention any software requirements and list any licensing information here. Finally, don’t forget to set your shipping options! Since digital products are delivered electronically, you’ll need to choose the “digital delivery” shipping option. And that’s it! Once your listing is live, buyers will be able to purchase and download your product anytime, anywhere.


Look for SEO Keywords

When writing your product description and title, make sure you look up SEO keywords for all digital products you want to sell on Etsy. EverBee Etsy Keyword research feature can help you out with your research.

This will allow you to come up in search engine results as well as higher up on Etsy’s search results. 



Finally, don’t forget to price your item well. You don’t need to be the cheapest listing on there (in fact, making your product super cheap can make people question the quality). Generally, single downloads can usually be priced around $4-$5 while bigger bundles should get listed for $20+.


Tips for Selling Digital Products on Etsy

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of selling digital products on Etsy, let’s talk about some tips and tricks for making your listings stand out from the crowd. 


One way to make your listings more enticing is by offering bundle deals. Buyers love getting a deal, so try bundling together similar products or creating themed packs (like wedding printables or holiday graphics). You can also offer discounts for larger orders; this encourages buyers to purchase more items from you at once. 


Another great way to increase sales is by offering freebies. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offering a freebie with purchase is a great way to entice buyers and get them interested in your products. Just be sure that your freebies are high quality and relevant to the items buyers are interested in purchasing from you. 


Selling digital downloads on Etsy is a great way to make money from your design skills! By following the tips in this blog post, you can create beautiful listings that stand out from the crowd and attract plenty of buyers. So what are you waiting for? Start listing those digital downloads today!


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