Why does EverBee need to connect to my Etsy Shop?

Written by Cody McGuffie on Feb 1, 2022

 Wondering why EverBee needs to “connect” to your shop? 

Similar to a mobile app you download on your phone – EverBee is an App for Etsy.

Connecting your Etsy shop gives EverBee the ability to improve the estimated sales algorithm and improve the data it provides – which helps us sellers with more accuracy đź™‚ 


The more accurate EverBee’s data is, the more it helps you make better product research decisions – which leads to higher revenue for you.

EverBee doesn’t have access to change, modify, edit or share any personal or shop information… and you can absolutely revoke access anytime you’d like. 



It’s our mission to provide the highest value to sellers – and that includes keeping your data secure and safe.

Happy Selling!

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