What is the Etsy "Recency Score" and how to use it to drive more traffic

Written by Cody McGuffie on July 8, 2021


Ever heard of this? 
I mean, you’re an Etsy seller..
We’ve all heard people mention “if you create listings more often, you’ll get more traffic…” 
but no one really ever explains why that is..
Well, here you go. 
In Etsy’s algorithm, they have a “Recency Score.” 
When an item is posted, it get a “high recency score.” 
This boosts the product within Etsy for a short period of time. 
It’s like a “honey moon” period for Etsy… (wedding reference…get it?)

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Recency Score
So how can you take advantage of this? 
Well for one, list in-demand items more often. 
…and when you do, take advantage of the extra “boost” to get as many sales & reviews as possible.
This way, when your “honey moon” is over.. 
Etsy knows you have a great product, people want.
… and you’ll continue to get traffic.
Create a system to do this repeatedly, and you have a successful Etsy shop.
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