*NEW on ETSY!* Star Seller - Etsy is rewarding sellers for great customer experience

Written by Cody McGuffie on July 28, 2021

It’s called the “Star Seller” – heard of it?
It’s brand new — Etsy just rolled out this new program and plans to continue to implement it over the next couple months.
So what is a “Star Seller?” and what does it mean for us sellers?
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A Star Seller is Etsy’s new way to reward Etsy sellers who have a proven record of consistently providing an excellent experience in areas we know are important to shoppers such as:
*Responding to messages quickly
*Shipping quickly and providing shipping info
*5-star product ratings

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best products to sell on etsy
Starting in September, Star Sellers will get a special badge on their Etsy shop—
Making it easier for customers to identify and shop from customer experience all-stars.
Like any new update or program, there are tons of questions that come to mind. 
best products to sell on etsy
Go check out your Etsy Star Seller Score with this link.
My score was a little different than what I was expecting…
How is yours?

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