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Written by Cody McGuffie on June 27, 2024

EverBee is a powerful product research tool designed for Etsy sellers. Our software will provide valuable data such as product analytics, shop analyzer, keyword research, email marketing, Etsy profit calculator, and more! Learn how to get the most out of EverBee in this tutorial.


How EverBee Helps Etsy Sellers Find Top-Selling Products

With our tool, you can find products that are in high-demand. When you type a keyword into Etsy’s search bar, EverBee can tell how well they are trending by their volume of search. You can also click into the see more link to look into any keyword individually and you’ll be taken to the keyword research tool right inside of EverBee.


Type a keyword in Etsy’s search bar. Let’s use candles as an example:


EverBee product research tool


Choose which category you want to analyze and you’ll be taken to EverBee’s keyword research dashboard. In here you can see a keyword’s volume, competition, and keyword score. From here you can select product analysis where you’ll see how all the different listings on Etsy are performing, their monthly revenue, total sales, listing age, and more. If you wanted to sell candles, this would give you a great idea of what kinds of candles to sell, how to price them, and keywords you should use.


You can also analyze competitor shops and see which listings are their top sellers. Then you can filter this data and what are the best performing listings so you can target these keywords.


About EverBee

EverBee grows your Etsy business using data analytics, and is used by Etsy sellers of all sizes including Top 1% sellers. 

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How To Find Trending Amazon Merch

With our keyword research dashboard, you can use this as “inspiration” to find relevant keywords for Amazon products. You can use Tag Analyzer and build a criteria based off your master keyword list. Maybe you want to target low-competition, high-volume keywords, so you can filter by that data and sort. After you’ve done this research, you can export the keywords and copy and paste them into Amazon to see who are the top sellers and products. By using EverBee’s tool, this can also give you a head start and strategize what to sell on your Amazon store.


Some product research tools to use for your Amazon business are:

EverBee’s product research tool is a game-changer for Amazon merch sellers. By leveraging its powerful features, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize your listings, and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re been a seller for years or just starting your business, EverBee’s tool provides the insights needed to make strategic decisions.


Sign-up for a free trial today and create a strategic approach to product and keyword research.



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