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Written by Cody McGuffie on June 5, 2021

Ever curious how sales are going for your competitors?
As an Etsy seller, I’ve sometimes wondered where all my sales went…
“Last month was great, but why are sales down so much this month?”
“Are my competitors experiencing the same?”
… questions I have often asked myself…
This is one of the reasons I built EverBee.
I wanted to understand which products are selling, which are not.. 
I wanted to have one-click access to my competitors’ sales, revenue, reviews, and tags..
I NEEDED a competitive advantage.
and we have that now with EverBee. 
Okay…. but how? 
Ethically of course… 
But there’s 1 cool way of doing it. 
You can actually visit one’s shop, and use the EverBee tool to see ALL of the shop’s best selling products.
EverBee will give you data like: total sales, monthly sales, product reviews, and…
you got it… SALES & REVENUE. 
There’s a certain way to do this..
So I decided to create a quick “how to” video here if you want to check it out.

About EverBee

EverBee grows your Etsy business using data analytics, and is used by Etsy sellers of all sizes including Top 1% sellers. 

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Cody McGuffie

Top 1% Etsy seller that’s been in the ecommerce industry for over 5 years.
Has done over $330,000 in revenue on Etsy alone.
Successfully owned and operated 2 online companies selling on platforms such as: Etsy, Amazon FBA, Walmart.com, and Shopify.
Founder of EverBee.io

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