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Issues with EverBee?

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What to do?

We recently updated our “sign in” flow to separate EverBee credentials from Etsy credentials.

Here are common steps to get you going again.

Uninstall & Reinstall the Chrome Extension

Try to Un-install and Re-install EverBee – then proceed to use the App again.

Here’s how to do this.

“Could not authorize credentials” Do this…

  1. Click on Forgot Password and go through the steps to create a new password. 
  2. It will automatically take you back to Etsy. Log in again – then proceed to use the extension successfully.

Forgot password isn’t working “Email Not Found” Do this…

No problem… create a new account here. 

If you’re on the PRO or GROWTH plan. Be sure to register with the same email that you used for your EverBee paid plan in the past (the same email you receive your invoices at)

Analytics isn’t working (keeps spinning)

Go to this page – is your Etsy already connected?

If not, Connect your Etsy shop.

Then go back to Etsy and refresh the page – and try to use analytics again.

Seems like I’ve tried everything… contact support below.