Best Things to Sell on Etsy

Written by Cody McGuffie on Aug 9, 2021

Looking for selling inspiration?

You came to the right place…

But you don’t just need “inspiration”…

Inspiration and ideas by themselves are virtually worthless.

Hear me out…

I can easily give you 50 “ideas” by simply just going to Etsy.com and consolidating a quick little list for you..

but you know that.. You could have done that for yourself.

and that’s what the youtuber you just watched did.

Hey, that’s great. It’s helpful.

But just giving you a few ideas I pulled off of Etsy isn’t going to change your business.

What if I could give you the answers to the test?
and all you had to do was execute with the answers…

What if I could tell you which products are selling, which are not, and even share the sales, revenue, and tags with you?

Would that be valuable?

After all – aren’t you here because you’re tired of having an average business and you’re ready to focus on creating a high revenue income stream?

Most people would charge you $50-$100 for a report like this…

but I’m sharing it with you for free.

I’m giving you the information in 5 categories: Craft Supplies & Tools

Digital Downloads / Printables / SVGs
Jewelry & Accessories
Wedding & Party
Art & Collectibles
See below..

About EverBee

EverBee grows your Etsy business using data analytics, and is used by Etsy sellers of all sizes including Top 1% sellers. 

About the Author

etsy best sellers

Cody McGuffie

Top 1% Etsy seller that’s been in the ecommerce industry for over 5 years. 
Has done over $330,000 in revenue on Etsy alone.
Successfully owned and operated 2 online companies selling on platforms such as: 

Etsy, Amazon FBA, Walmart.com, and Shopify.
Founder of EverBee.io

Craft Supplies & Tools

Digital Downloads, Printables, SVGs

Jewelry & Accessories

Wedding & Party

Art & Collectibles


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